Healthy Eating

I eat a wholefood plant-based diet. The research evidence is clear –  this is the healthiest diet for human beings. It is rich in diversity, nutrients, protein, and fibre.  It can also make you look and feel amazing!

The wholefood plant-based diet that I enjoy has helped me to lose a considerable amount of body fat and make me feel healthier and more energetic than ever.

So that my clients can reap the benefits of the wholefood plant-based diet that I’ve enjoyed, I have created the Plant-powered Eating for Weight Loss Course.

In this 10-workshop course, week-by-week I take clients through the key themes of what to eat on a whole foods plant-based diet as well as tackling important eating behaviours and practical food preparation issues, which will help to maximise the overall effects of transferring to this healthy diet.  

I don’t ask clients to count calories and I don’t starve them with tiny portions.  Instead I focus on eating the greatest possible range of low calorie density foods. These foods are; fresh fruits and vegetables, beans, rice, legumes, whole grains, nuts, and seeds.  The dishes that I recommend are made up of combinations of thousands of plant food options drawn from cuisines around the world.

The course is tailored to individual needs as well.  In weeks 2 and 9 I  take clients through an analysis of their own weekly food diary and make straightforward recommendations for change.  Also, each workshop comes with recipe cards, tailored to the topic of the week, which help clients to develop their range of plant-based dishes in a step-by-step manner.  Here is the full list of the weekly workshop themes:

  1. Starting your plant-powered weight loss programme – busting the myths and taking the first steps.
  2. The story so far – feedback on your food diary from the previous week
  3. Cutting the CRAP – Calorie Rich And Processed foods; why they are bad for you and what to replace them with.  
  4. Count plants, not calories – how increasing the amount and variety of plant foods is the key to being a healthy weight.
  5. You can‘t outrun a bad diet – but adding exercise to a good diet boosts weight loss and improves physical and mental health.
  6. It’s (almost) all in the timing – making time-restricted eating part of your daily routine.
  7. Making a meal of it – managing your food intake at meal times.
  8. SOS-free cooking – how to reduce the Salt, Oil, and Sugar in your meals and snacks and make them tastier.
  9. Food diary analysis (2nd course) – reviewing progress so far and fine-tuning recommendations.
  10. Ready for launch – reinforcing the most important changes to make and setting your own goals for the medium to long term.

This comprehensive course is ideal for people who want to lose body fat, eat more healthily, transfer to a plant-based diet, and lead more energetic lives.  But don’t just take my word for it, here are some of the comments from clients who have benefitted from the Plant-powered Eating for Weight Loss course:


Neil has put together an excellent course with a  great mix of material on diet and lifestyle, and backed up with well-explained scientific insights. I found it really useful and its helping me to eat a more healthy and better planned diet


I would highly recommend Neil’s course.  If you are motivated to lose weight and move towards a plant based-diet or just curious to see how far you could improve your diet this is for you.


I enjoyed how the science and reasoning for change ran alongside the practical ways to implement changes to diet and eating habits right through to the recipes and snacks to get you started.


I had never considered adjusting my diet to the extent that Neil’s advice helped focus on.  Listening to the logic reminded me how the body’s energy system and digestion are designed to work – healthily. Weight adjusts accordingly when habits change. The future is bright. Give Neil a try.  You will not regret it.


This is the first healthy eating course I have attended.  I wasn’t sure how I would get on. Over the 10 weeks, with the guidance of Neil, you build up not only your confidence, but a go-to library of how to make healthy plant-based choices.  

I haven’t gone 100% totally plant-based yet, but I have taken on board a lot of the ideas/choices, including eating more different plant foods over the course of the week and eating 30 is actually easy!!

The recipes and suggestions that Neil provides are really easy to make and really easy to follow recipes.

Overall the course has been very motivational and Neil is incredibly knowledgeable and I have lost roughly 4kg to date, so if you are looking for a course – you cannot go wrong with Plant-Powered Eating for Weight Loss.

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