Personal Training

With extensive experience across performance sport as well as health and fitness, I offer a range of options for clients who want to get fitter, stronger, healthier, happier, and more energetic.  

The basics

I generally encourage clients to sign up for a course of 10 x 60min personal training sessions on my Fit for Life Plan, although tailor-made options may be available after a discussion of client requirements.  For full information on pricing please visit the Plans and Pricing page.  Personal training sessions can take place at a client’s home (or in their garden) or in a local park/outdoor space.

Getting you started

Following an initial health assessment and discussion of client goals I put together a progressive fitness plan, based around the client‘s lifestyle considerations.  In the first couple of sessions I keep a close eye on how clients cope with the exercise intensity and then make adjustments to the routine to make sure that the sessions are fun, that progress is made, but that the risk of injury is kept low.  

My personal training style

I focus personal training sessions on bodyweight exercises and add in resistance bands and kettlebells to increase the intensity as clients get fitter and stronger. We can start with straightforward, but challenging, exercises and move on to whole body combination exercises as confidence, strength, and fitness grow.

Take a look at the workouts on My YouTube Channel to get a feel for my personal training style.

Weight Loss

Regular exercise is vital for a healthy life, but if you are also looking to lose significant amounts of weight (let‘s be honest, we’re talking about body fat here!) you are going to have to make sure that you are eating the right foods as well.  For clients who want to lose body fat I offer the Plant-powered Eating for Weight Loss course as a bolt-on to their personal training sessions.  For full information on the course please visit the Healthy Eating page.  

Diabetes and Obesity Management

Clients who are particularly overweight and/or are suffering from diabetes will benefit from working with a personal trainer who has studied these conditions and knows how exercise can be used safely and effectively as a treatment.  I am qualified as a Level 4 Practitioner in Diabetes and Obesity Management and always look forward to working with clients who are living with these conditions and helping them to return to health and fitness.

Cardiac Rehabilitation

I am qualified as a Phase 4 Cardiac Exercise Instructor, which means that I can safely work with clients who have completed Phase 3 rehabilitation and are looking to continue their recovery from surgery and build their strength and fitness.  

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