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Some of the wonderful people that I’ve helped in recent times have been good enough to write a testimonial about working with me.

Phil Giesler

Neil is an excellent nutrition and fitness coach. I joined the Move It to Lose It Class in January which was a great course in how to eat and stay well and fit. I have kept with his fitness classes. His on-line Zoom sessions are tailor made with different exercises and we gradually are stepping up as the weeks go on. Highly recommended!

Roger Hillyer

I joined Neil’s “Move it to lose it” course in January.  Neil is excellent – he understands the man (like me) joining because they need to lose some weight but unfamiliar with the world of exercise classes.  In person or via Zoom he has a good style that explains and encourages and we develop and progress.  I have lost weight and got fitter and would recommend his courses.

Steve Kemsley

I have ‘enjoyed’ Neil’s classes over the past 2 years his style of delivery suits me well. I would say I am a reluctant attendee when it comes to fitness, but Neil is very good at warm ups and motivating everyone to keep going. Each week he builds on what we did last week, demonstrating all the exercises so we know what we are doing. Over the time he has motivated me to lose a noticeable amount of weight, and I am much more active & flexible. The dog now has problems keeping up with me. Many thanks Neil 🙂

James Hurworth

Neil’s enthusiastic approach just gets on with it. Achievable aims, great variety of muscle group exercises, some tough challenges of course, with good recovery periods built in.

The dietary info helps enormously. After 6 months. I am fitter, stronger and 7kgs lighter, most of which has been achieved on line.

Give him a try.

Duncan Forsyth

I’ve really benefited from the exercise sessions and healthy eating classes run by Neil.  Personally I’ve lost 3 stone and my health has been transformed.  His knowledge of nutrition and sports science is top class and I have no hesitation in recommending him in the highest terms.

Joe Minuti

Started attending Neil’s low impact training sessions at Teddington on the “Move it to lose it” programme run by Richmond Borough Council back in January and have attended ever since. His classes are well organised, low impact and no pressure on you to keep up. I am 67 and and am thinking of ditching my normal gym when it reopens and just carry on with Neil, only thing stopping me is he does not have the Spa and Steam room!


I was struggling to get fit through the normal channels and  by working with Neil, I was able to get back on track. He was flexible in his approach and created a tailor made a set of exercises for me to do at home and in sessions with him, working around my schedule. I also attended the group sessions which I really enjoyed as it was a great way to meet people and get exercising outdoors as I know the gym is not for me. My fitness is so much better now and I have gone from struggling to do a lap around our local park to a half marathon – there is no turning back now thanks to Neil and his efforts.


The great thing about working with Neil is that he is patient, makes himself aware of your personal goals and delivers the sessions with clear instructions, plus he is very motivational – good at pushing you to reach even further without it feeling like he is! The running sessions/classes were really well prepared with well thought out warm-ups to accommodate the age range – and if like me you have struggled to find a personal trainer,  fitness class  – this really worked for me.

I continue to ensure I follow a healthy lifestyle, and keep myself fit, and I feel I can turn up to parkrun and do a 5K run on a Saturday morning.

If you are thinking about a personal trainer / lifestyle advisor I would 100% recommend Neil and know that you can be sure that you will reach your goals whether it be losing weight, getting fit, training for a marathon etc.

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